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Be sure to pick out the best parrot cage for your new bird. Both the size, bar spacing and materials used are important!
Chester County Bird Club
Our quarterly newsletter keeps all members up to date on the latest aviculture news, including local events, birds for sale, and in-depth reports from organizations like the American Federation of Aviculture, the Association of Avian Vets, Bird Clubs of America and more. Members qualify for reduced advertising rates.
Our extensive library, available to all members, includes a wide range of books, videos, publications, and newsletters from national organizations and other local bird clubs. Most of these are in “online” form within our Yahoo Group.
The Club maintains a comprehensive list of avian veterinarians in the Delaware Valley area, as well as profiles of most major pet bird species. 
Members are eligible to join the CCBC e-mail group at By addressing e-mail to the group, it’s received by all the members automatically – a way to keep in touch between meetings. It’s a good way to stay up-to-date on avian issues and events, tell stories, recount experiences, put out calls for help, or share any info of interest to the group.
We take our educational mission very seriously! All too often beginning pet owners don’t realize the many demands of sharing their lives with an avian companion. Throughout the year, CCBC members present programs at pet stores, schools and other venues to spread the word about responsible pet bird ownership. 
Our Club usually sponsors one major public event each year. It’s a chance for all our members to pitch in and have fun helping out with the many duties involved in managing a successful avian event. 
Social highlights of the year include our spaghetti dinner in February, our picnic and barbecue in July and a holiday party in December featuring a “Pollyanna” gift exchange that we guarantee you’ll never forget!
Experience the thrill of sharing your experiences, showing your birds, finding a new avian companion, or exploring the latest in bird toy fun. Join us and meet new friends with a common interest – THE LOVE OF BIRDS! Visitors always welcome!
The Chester County Bird Club, Inc., established in 1986, is a non-profit organization whose goal is to help educate and encourage the betterment of all aspects of aviculture.
Our members range from the novice single pet owner to the experienced breeder of multiple species. Our goal is to provide a range of informative programs of interest to all our members. If you have a bird question, there’s sure to be someone in the club who will be happy to help you.
Some of the many benefits of CCBC membership:

We usually meet on the second Sunday of each month at the East Whiteland Township Building in Frazer, Pa., located on Route 401 just east of Route 202. There’s a brief business meeting followed by an educational program presentated by local avian vets, reports from organizations like the AFA, species profiles by experienced breeders , fun avian related games and much, much more. Visitors are always welcome. It’s a good idea to confirm dates, times and program information by emailing

The Chester County Bird Club is hosting its 26th Annual Bird Show and Mart! Wow! That's 26 years of bringing you the finest show birds, the best vendors, and an unbeatable raffle table year after year! Our 2014 Bird Show and Mart is scheduled for October 25th from 10:00 am until 5:00 pm.  Our venue is located at 880 Springdale Drive, Suite 100, Exton, PA 19341. Please see our Bird Show page for all the details which will be updated in the near future!



AFA Conservation - "Ears for Lear's"







The Lear’s macaw is endangered in its natural habitat in Brazil. Recent conservation efforts have resulted in an increase in the wild population, but now the birds are seeking out new feeding grounds. Lear’s macaws have taken to raiding the corn fields of local farmers; taking corn that is vital to these small farmers and their families. Parrots International, Lymington Foundation, Amigos de las Aves (USA), Nutropica Bird Foods, Brazil, Pennies for Parrots, and AFA are coming together to help protect these birds. A corn subsidy program is underway where sacks of corn are purchased from other areas of Brazil and distributed to these struggling farmers by conservation partners, ECO in Brazil. This ensures the birds are protected instead of exterminated for raiding corn crops. The program is in its eighth successful year.  For every donation of $10 or more, receive a packet of genuine heirloom Blue Hopi Corn seeds for your home garden. Planting and growing Blue Corn is easy and fun for the whole family. Dried Blue Corn ears are beautiful and make great holiday decorations and gifts. Every time you look at your Blue Corn, you'll be reminded of how much we can accomplish when we work together to help parrots in the wild. Thank you for your generous donation to the Ears for Lear’s conservation program!

Rick Jordan, AFA Conservation Committee Chair

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